Grace is when God gives us what we don't deserve.
Mercy is when He doesn't give us what we do deserve.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The date list (part one)

  1.  Coffee *
  2. Dinner at J's *
  3. Stroll along the Greenway
  4. Coffee*
  5. Cheekwood
  6. Picnic at Centennial Park *
  7. Walk at Radnor Lake
  8. Nashville Shakes at Centennial Stage (Loves Labor's Lost)
  9. Coffee*
  10. Drive down Natches Trace
  11. Saturday morning brunch at Le Peep *
  12. Day in Historic Franklin
  13. Dinner at Royal Thai*
  14. The Frist
  15. Coffee*
* indicates times I will bring my Bible and journal with to just read what He wants me to learn about him.  The rest of the time it is my plan to just enjoy the beauty he has put around me, to slow down enough to see it all and to talk with him in my heart & head.  I really tried to balance out my time between delving deeper into what He wants me to hear and what he wants me to see.  I really want to get deeper into this process before I pick the next 15 because I am not sure if I will want the division of time to remain about half and half or if I'll want more one than the other.  

My first date will be tomorrow morning at 9:30.  I have to take Harry Winston into the groomers and I'm on vacation, so I thought it would be the ideal time to grab my Bible and sit a while.  The best part, I have nothing else I need to be doing, so I can just absorb as much time as I want with God.  


  1. I love this post Andie!

    ~Trish Davis

  2. aaaah, I so love that you are going to date God!!! What a wonderfully original idea! I can't wait to hear about your dates and find out where He takes you and if He holds the door for you. ;-)

  3. Trish~ Thanks, coming up with the list was kind of fun but it was challenging to get the balance and not do too much activity all at once or too much alone time. I wanted it to be as similar to a real dating progression as possible.

    Morgs~ I may have come up with the plan because it was pressing on my heart, but you could do it too! Just make your own list of dates you want to go on with God.