Grace is when God gives us what we don't deserve.
Mercy is when He doesn't give us what we do deserve.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So Thirsty

For the last few weeks my snooze button and I have been pretty closely acquainted.  I am generally not a big snooze button pusher, but you would never know it recently.  In fact, just yesterday I didn't wake up until 6 and I have to be out my door by 6:18 to be at work by 6:30.  I'll have you know I made it with time to spare, but it was a race and Harry Winston was neglected in the whole process.

I was a little surprised when at about 1:50 this morning I woke up suddenly.  I couldn't figure out what woke me, but I was a little thirsty so I got up to get a glass of water.  Once I started drinking I realized I wasn't a little thirsty, I was THIRSTY.  I probably drank close to a liter of water and had to stop myself from drinking more knowing that my body just needed time to absorb all I had taken in.  I started thinking about how much water I had consumed today... it wasn't nearly as much as I should have nor as much as I usually drink in a day.  How did that happen?  A glass of tea and two cups of coffee throughout the morning followed by a soda with lunch were part of the problem.  I did have some water while the kids were napping and a glass of milk with dinner solved the rest of the mystery.  I'd only had one glass of pure water.  Yes, I know that water is the main component of the tea and coffee, but  even counting them I'd only had half the water I needed. I know how much water I should be consuming each day and usually meet those needs without a lot of effort, but occasionally I get a little caught up and don't realize how much other stuff I am using to quench my thirst that isn't the water my body has a vital need for.  I'm not saying any of the things I drank were all that bad, yes I know soda isn't good but one or two a week isn't horrible either, but they can be a problem when they take the place of what you really need.

As I came back to bed and was attempting to fall back to sleep (I failed and have been awake ever since) it occurred to me that my thirst for Jesus is similar.  I may think I just need a little in the moment but then I start to "drink" in his word and I realize I need and want more than I initially thought.  I also have to remind myself to not to over do it, but to go slow so I can really absorb what I'm reading.  I hate that sometimes I distract myself with TV, movies, novels or whatever else when it comes at the cost of my time with God and my Bible. Just like the soda, they are not bad in moderation, but when they come at the cost of my spiritual health they are a problem. I love reading and so I eagerly read books and blogs that will help my daily spiritual growth, but they are kinda like the tea and coffee... no matter how much faith and Jesus you find in them, they are not the same as reading the Bible for yourself.

I have a THIRST for God and His Word, he built it in me just as surely as my need for water to sustain me.  And like my 8 glasses of water a day I need a certain amount of time with God each day to be my most healthy self.  I know how much better I feel when I get enough water.  I know how more centered I feel when I make time for God each day.  There are no substitutions but plenty of distractions.  Just like I can get busy and forget to drink as much as I should, I can fill my time with other things, but at some point I will wake up in the middle of the night thirsty for Him.

I'm off to start my day with my usual cuppa tea, but instead of getting ready while I enjoy it I am going to share my tea time with God today.


  1. lol nice save.. once again I was like "for real a whole blog about water?!

  2. This is great! I do the same thing, sometimes ignoring my thirst. Such a good reminder to stop and absorb.